Tech Talk Tuesday – Let’s Talk Vapor Retarders

Join NWFA for Tech Talk Tuesday with Tim Moore, of Fortifiber, and Brett Miller as they discuss building envelope systems that control water, air, vapor, and energy in the building.

Tech Talk Tuesday – Showcasing the Manufacturing Process of Wood Flooring

Join Brett Miller and the team at Sheoga Hardwood Flooring & Paneling to get an inside look as to what goes into the process of making a hardwood flooring product, how lumber is sourced and graded (insight to pricing too), information on how to choose the correct flooring and the importance of acclimation/RH/MC in the …

Tech Talk Tuesday – Proper Adhesives, Trims + Installation Best Practices

Installation, especially if done improperly, can result in costly claims and unhappy customers. Shaw’s best practices to ensure beautiful, lasting hardwood installations, which include selecting the proper adhesives and trims, can save you time and money and help build brand loyalty and trust.

Roomvo: Special NWFA Offer: Grow your business with Roomvo Sites

NWFA has partnered with Roomvo to provide their powerful websites to all NWFA retailers and installers, starting at just $20/month. Stand out against the competition with exclusive NWFA content and Roomvo’s industry-leading visualizer. Register for this webinar now to take your online presence to new heights!