Product Theater Thursday – Dow

Join us as the Dow team introduces the DIAMONDLOCK ™ Flooring Adhesive, a pourable one component, moisture-cured system used to form a strong permanent bond between flooring materials and base floor materials. They will demonstrate why they say this adhesive is cost-effective, increases coverage, and easy to use.

Webinar Wednesday – ACR: Wood Floors: Restoration or Replacement after Water Damage

Water damage is one of the most common causes of wood flooring failures. Determining whether a damaged floor can be repaired or must be replaced requires an understanding of how water affects wood. This webinar will define water categories, explore water classifications, and explain the drying process to help you navigate successful outcomes.

Webinar Wednesday – Huber Engineered Woods – Subfloor: The Silent Partner in Your Success

Join us to investigate challenges hardwood flooring installers face because of what is going on under their finished flooring. We will discuss the root causes of these challenges and offer practical ways to overcome them on the job. We’ll discuss the importance of product selection within the subfloor assembly and how that contributes to a […]