Product Theater Thursday – PoloPlaz a Canlak Company

PoloPlaz is a Canlak Coatings Company and the manufacturer of the CLK, PoloPlaz, Absco, and Sampson floor coatings brands. Join us as the PoloPlaz team presents PoloPlaz Prime Advantage Ultra High Solid Clear Finish. They will showcase the features of this new product, which include a 20-30 minute open time and full use after 24 […]

Wagner Meters: The Why, What, and How of Wood Moisture Testing

Wagner Meters is proud to offer this all-new webinar for woodworkers, flooring professionals, building inspectors, and contractors. This free webinar is presented by Jason Spangler, Sales Manager for Wagner Meters. Get all the knowledge and guidance you need to: •         Prevent moisture-related problems in wood •         Choose the right wood moisture meter for your situation […]