Wagner Meters: The Why, What, and How of Wood Moisture Testing

Wagner Meters is proud to offer this all-new webinar for woodworkers, flooring professionals, building inspectors, and contractors. This free webinar is presented by Jason Spangler, Sales Manager for Wagner Meters. Get all the knowledge and guidance you need to: •         Prevent moisture-related problems in wood •         Choose the right wood moisture meter for your situation […]

Tech Talk Tuesday – Let’s Talk Vapor Retarders

Join NWFA for Tech Talk Tuesday with Tim Moore, of Fortifiber, and Brett Miller as they discuss building envelope systems that control water, air, vapor, and energy in the building.

MAPEI: Work Smarter, Faster, and More Efficiently

This free webinar is presented by Sam Biondo, National Technical Presenter for MAPEI Corp. Get all the knowledge and guidance you need to: •             Balance work/life in post-COVID world — especially in construction industry •             Understand new products and how they can help make your job easier •             Train to extend the longevity of current […]

Weyerhaeuser: OSB 101 – Intro on How OSB is Made

Get an inside look at how OSB is made. From the selection of trees, to the manufacturing process at the mill, and then you, the customer. After registering, you will receive a confirmation email containing information about joining the webinar.

Tech Talk Tuesday – Showcasing the Manufacturing Process of Wood Flooring

Join Brett Miller and the team at Sheoga Hardwood Flooring & Paneling to get an inside look as to what goes into the process of making a hardwood flooring product, how lumber is sourced and graded (insight to pricing too), information on how to choose the correct flooring and the importance of acclimation/RH/MC in the […]