Connect with other professionals, take part in meaningful education, and turn your job into a career.

The NWFA offers hands-on and online learning for wood flooring professionals interested in expanding their industry and skills knowledge. Our education & training programs raise the bar and encourage you to grow your knowledge and skillset to distinguish yourself from the competition.

View the NWFA Education & Training Programs course catalog for more information on our hands-on and online learning opportunities.


Grow your skill set and increase your bottom line. Offered all year long, throughout North America, NWFA hands-on training events cater to each skill level with specific classes for each level.


Get training, when and where you want it. The NWFA’s online learning platform, NWFA University, offers more than 130 courses to strengthen your industry knowledge at your own pace. Earn digital badges along the way to show your educational progression.


Learn about the latest products and tools from industry manufacturers.


Set yourself apart and take your career to the next level. The NWFA’s Certified Professional program validates your industry knowledge and helps you gain credibility, confidence, and exposure.


Looking for quality skilled labor as a business or to learn a marketable skill as a worker? The NWFA Wood Flooring Specialist Apprenticeship Program, approved by the U.S. Department of Labor, provides many benefits for businesses offer apprenticeships through the NWFA and for workers who are seeking apprenticeships in the wood flooring industry.

NWFA Live Edge

NWFA LiveEdge quickly enhances your knowledge with short videos designed to provide you with an edge in an increasingly competitive market. Our webinars take place on select Tuesdays (Tech Tuesday), Wednesdays (Webinar Wednesdays), and Thursdays (Product Theater Thursdays).