Named Scholarships


Named Scholarships can be established for a minimum of $20,000 to honor individuals who made significant and lasting contributions to the industry.

Current Named Scholarships include:

Carl Anstett and Edgar P. Anstett – Powernail Company, Inc.
The Powernail Company made a special $100,000 donation to honor brothers Edgar P. Anstett and Carl Anstett and their contributions to the wood flooring industry. Edgar Anstett emigrated from Germany to the US in 1926, Carl in 1930, and both worked as a tool and die maker, and founded EPA Manufacturing Co. in 1939. In 1941, the brothers received a patent for a portable manual nail driving machine, improving the design and receiving additional patents throughout their careers. The Anstetts founded Powernail Company in 1949 and produced the first nailing machines and nails for the installation of tongue and groove hardwood flooring.

Virgil Hendricks – Lockwood Flooring and Mid-West Floor Company
In 2017, a fundraising campaign was launched by Harry Lindquist, PanTim Wood Products, to raise $20,000 to create a scholarship fund to honor Virgil and the significant and lasting contributions he made to the wood flooring industry. Virgil is considered the founding father of the NWFA and served as its first president. He was inducted into the NWFA Hall of Fame in 1990. Virgil was also the owner of Lockwood Flooring and the president and owner of Mid-West Floor Company in St. Louis.

Dick Hradecki – Floorco Ltd.
Friends and colleagues of Dick Hradecki made a special $30,000 donation to recognize his contributions to the wood flooring industry. Hradecki immigrated to Canada following WWII and joined what would become Floorco Ltd. In the 1970s, Floorco became the sole North American agent for Lägler sanding equipment, which introduced belt sanding to North America for the first time. Hradecki traveled the country teaching contractors how to use this new technology and helped change floor sanding techniques and training programs for our industry.

Paul Stringer  – Somerset
Upon his retirement from the wood flooring industry in 2023, industry friends and colleagues of Paul Stringer raised more than $20,000 to establish a named scholarship in his honor. Paul started his 30-plus year wood flooring career with Hartco, later worked for Zickgraf, and then spent 20-plus years at Somerset where he led the company’s sales and marketing efforts. He is largely responsible for growing Somerset from an unfinished strip mill to one of the largest factory-finished manufacturers of both solid and engineered wood flooring in North America.