Latest Past Events

Product Theater Thursday – Odie’s Oil

Join James Tinghitella to learn about Odie’s Oil, a non-toxic hardwood floor finish and stabilizer. In this presentation, he will share how Odie’s Oil penetrates, cross-links, and bonds molecularly to protect, stabilize, and waterproof any surface easily and safely, providing a beautiful sheen in one coat – all while protecting health in the process.

Tech Talk Tuesday with Lägler: Waves, Chatter, and Sanding Marks – Causes & Cures

Sanding imperfections seen as drum marks, chatter, wave, side cuts, sanding scratches, or swirl marks are often referred to as Sanding Marks. There are many causes for these sanding marks, some equipment-related, some operation-related, and some could even be caused by site-conditions. Join Marc Schulz with Lägler, from their headquarters in Germany, as he focuses …