NWFA Offers Customizable Wood Flooring Styles & Trends Guide

NWFA Offers Customizable Wood Flooring Styles & Trends Guide

The NWFA has released its first-ever consumer-focused “Wood Floor Styles and Trends” guide. This informative “lookbook” is customizable, allowing NWFA members to brand the publication to use as a targeted marketing tool.

Designed to have a two-year shelf life, the 16-page booklet, sponsored by Bona, will help educate consumers to increase their knowledge of, and desire for, wood flooring. The lookbook contains a wide variety of photos highlighting the beauty, benefits, and current trends of wood flooring. Copy is minimal, but compliments photos, sponsored by Mannington and Mohawk, by focusing on the following:

·         Environmental benefits

·         Indoor air quality

·         Long-term value

·         Durability

·         Maintenance

·         Increased home value

·         Species selection

·         Wood flooring types

·         Finish options

·         Home environment moisture management

·         Troubleshooting

·         Finding local NWFA wood flooring professionals 

The guide is available in both digital and print formats, making it suitable for e-mail campaigns, home shows, or direct marketing. “This consumer guide will help ensure that those employees at the point-of-sale have a selling tool that guides the buying process to the right product, and provides the consumer with a checklist to make sure they have enough knowledge to make the right long-term investment in their home,” says NWFA President & CEO, Michael Martin. “It is a valuable tool to help NWFA members market themselves and grow consumer demand for wood flooring.”

The guide will be available to consumers on the NWFA’s consumer website, www.woodfloors.org. The website also will take the guide one level further by providing more detailed information about wood flooring from an unbiased third-party resource on behalf of its members.NWFA members can customize and purchase the guide by signing into NWFA’s member website, www.nwfa.org.

The NWFA can be contacted at 800.422.4556 (USA & Canada), 636.519.9663 (local and international), or online at www.nwfa.org.