NWFA University FAQs


1. What is NWFA University?

NWFA University is an online platform that gives individuals an opportunity to participate in wood flooring training when and where they want it.

NWFA University is comprised of individual learning courses lasting 10-20 minutes, with an online testing component. A series of courses will lead to badges that can be earned.

2. Who will benefit from enrolling in NWFA online training?

NWFA University has been designed to benefit all member types: Contractors, Distributors, Retailers and Manufacturers.

3. How do I register for NWFA University?

NWFA University is a member-only benefit. As a member of NWFA, you can purchase a $100 all-access pass to NWFA University that will grant you and your employees access to more than 125 online courses. Purchase the pass here. First, sign into your account, then hover over “Online Store” and select “Education Add-Ons.”

Not a member of NWFA? Learn about the benefits of becoming a member here.

4. Is there a specific timeline for having to start or complete a course?

No. One of the best parts about NWFA University is that you can work at your own pace. You will have the freedom to start a course, pause it and then resume it at a time that’s more convenient.

5. Can I earn badges or credits as I progress?

Yes. As a series of courses is completed, badges can be earned. These badges can be purchased for $35 and shared on your website, social media profiles, or anywhere else you’d like to post them. The badges also include a marketing feature to inform customers about your training and expertise. Some badges also require hands-on testing.

6. How do I complete the course learning path and receive my certification?

To earn your certification, you must complete all the required courses and pass the assessments. Some badges require additional hands-on training. When you have met all the training requirements, you will receive your certification.

7. How are courses taught?

Each course is 10-20 minutes in length. They contain audio, video and interactive elements. Following each course, you will need to pass an assessment. Each assessment has a series of 5–10 questions.

8. Do I have to attend hands-on classes to complete my certification?

Students will progress through the online courses as a prerequisite for attending hands-on education at NWFA regional training facilities. Badges that require hands-on testing may be completed at in-person training events. NWFAU online courses compliment the classroom portion of NWFA schools.

9. Are there group passes available to purchase for teams or entire companies?

Yes. The NWFA University Pass grants you access to all online courses for you and your employees for your membership year. Participate in as many courses as you like for as many employees as you like. Additional fees will be required to earn badges and certifications.

10. How do I access my All-Access Pass once purchased?

To access the NWFAU, go to https://nwfa.users.membersuite.com/home and select “Access NWFA University” at the top of the page. You will be prompted to sign into your NWFAU account with the same credentials you use to access your member account.

11. Will I need a computer? What system requirements are recommended for the courses to function properly?

Courses are best viewed using a high-speed Internet connection. You can use a PC, tablet, or mobile device. We recommend that you use the latest version of Google Chrome. We also recommend to use the latest version of your browser.

12. How do I get my employees access to NWFAU?

To access NWFAU, each employee must be registered individually under the company account. To add employees, please email education@nwfa.org with a list of your employees’ fist name, last name, email address, and job title. Please note that each employee must have a unique email address to access the university. 

13. I lost my badge emails from Credly. How do I claim my badges?

Please follow these instructions to claim badges that have been issued to you through Acclaim. 

Have additional questions? Contact our Education department at education@nwfa.org, or 800.422.4556.