NWFA’s 2016 Wood Flooring Expo Grows by 10%

NWFA’s 2016 Wood Flooring Expo Grows by 10%

The National Wood Flooring Association’s (NWFA) Wood Flooring Expo has continued its growth trend for the fifth year in a row. The 2016 Expo, which took place last month in Charlotte, North Carolina, grew by 10%, with attendance exceeding last year’s historic level reached in St. Louis, Missouri.

The Expo was held April 27 – April 30 at the Charlotte Convention Center in downtown Charlotte. There were more than 20 hours of education in five tracks: Management, Marketing/Sales, Technical Skills, Design/Architecture, and Roundtables. The day-long Pre-Expo Symposium, which took place the day before Expo, provided three more tracks.

The trade show floor sold out in March. It included two demonstration theaters, one for exhibitors to showcase their products, and one for NWFA instructors to demonstrate technical skills. There were 14 more companies on the floor than in 2015 and 25 more than in 2014, with 55 first-time exhibitors this year. Five years after the NWFA overhauled the Expo, rebuilding the show and the show staff from the ground up, the growth continues.

“We are glad to see the upward trend is carrying forward, to see our members and Expo thriving together,” said Michael Martin, NWFA President & CEO. “That the show has grown considerably these past few years is remarkable. We want to keep the positive momentum going.”

The 2016 Expo theme, “Floor It,” focused on the fast-paced growth that the NWFA is experiencing through training, certifications, partnerships, and membership.

Photos are viewable and sharable through the NWFA Facebook page. Information about the 2017 Wood Flooring Expo, which will be held April 11 – 14 in Phoenix, AZ, is available at www.nwfaexpo.org. 
The NWFA can be contacted at 800.422.4556 (USA & Canada), 636.519.9663 (local and international), or at www.nwfa.org.