NWFA’s Pre-Expo Symposium & Expo Education


The National Wood Flooring Association (NWFA) will feature a comprehensive selection of educational sessions during the 2019 Wood Flooring Expo to help wood flooring professionals advance their industry knowledge and technical expertise. The event will be held May 1 – 3, in Fort Worth, Texas.

“Pre-Expo Symposium and Expo Education is an opportunity for industry professionals to collaborate and discuss advanced topics that can have a tremendous impact on their businesses,” said Brett Miller, NWFA Vice President of Education and Certification. “Industry experts will be on hand to lead discussions and provide industry-specific insights that can yield immediate results.”

Pre-Expo Symposium offers more-advanced, in-depth education on Wednesday, May 1. This year’s Symposium will consist of a morning session, Understanding Moisture Management and Building Science, taught by Steve Easley, and an afternoon session for roundtable discussion, led by Brett Miller, Jon Namba and Kjell Nymark. Following attendance at Symposium, participants will earn two continuing certification units. Pre-Expo Symposium is offered at an additional cost of $225 ($275 onsite).

Expo Education will begin on Thursday, May 2. Attendees can choose from more than 20 educational sessions facilitated by industry professionals, covering topics such as marketing, management, health, inspectors and technical skills.

Upon completion of Expo Education, attendees will earn one continuing certification unit. Those who attend Symposium and Expo Education will earn a total of three CCUs, which meets the two year requirement of CCUs needed from NWFA live/hands-on training.

To learn more about the education, networking and opportunities planned for the 2019 Expo and to register to attend, go to www.nwfaexpo.org. On-site registration will be offered as well.