NWFA Hosts Woodwork Merit Badge Workshop


The National Wood Flooring Association (NWFA) hosted a Woodwork Merit Badge Workshop for St. Louis area Boy Scouts this past weekend at the NWFA Headquarters in St. Louis, Missouri.

More than 30 Boy Scouts were in attendance to learn about trees, the wood they produce, and how that wood can be used. Students each planned and built their own wooden box to take home. All scouts who attended the workshop completed the requirements to earn a Woodworking Merit Badge.

“The workshop was a great outlet for us to share valuable industry knowledge with young boy scouts,” says Brett Miller, NWFA Vice President of Education and Certification. “The kids were really engaged and asked lots of questions. It was cool to see their excitement and pride as they left with the boxes they got to design and build.”

Information about other initiatives to help educate generations to come about the wood flooring industry can be found at https://nwfa.org/get-involved.