NWFA Presents New Next Generation Award


Fineas Luca, 11-year-old son of NWFA member Dinu Luca, owner of ADL Floors Inc. in Woodinville, Washington, has been named the first recipient of the NWFA Next Generation award. The award was created to recognize the growing impact young people are having on the wood flooring industry.

“Almost three years ago now, the NWFA launched NWFA University in an effort to reach more wood flooring professionals with training opportunities when and where they want it,” says NWFA President & CEO, Michael Martin. “Our vision at the time was to offer a new, cost-effective, convenient way to provide training basics without the burden or cost of travel. Our hope at the time was to engage with younger generations in ways they already embraced – digitally. Never, in our wildest dreams, did we image we’d have an impact on an 11-year-old protégé.”

Fineas is the youngest person to successfully complete all of the NWFAU courses in the Installation learning path and the Sand & Finish learning path. To accomplish this, he took 72 required courses, and passed each of the assessments, scoring 80% or higher for each. The award was presented to recognize Fineas’ accomplishment, and to encourage him and others to remain engaged with life-long learning.

To learn more about the NWFA University, visit nwfa.org/nwfa-university.